Tired of managing your WordPress website?

Tired of managing your WordPress website?

Get peace of mind with a website care plan. We'll prioritize your website maintenance, performance and security so you can focus on your business.

Get peace of mind with a website care plan. We'll prioritize your website maintenance, performance and security so you can focus on your business.

Our website care services are tailored for and best suited to Wordpress sites. Talk to us about a custom plan for other platforms or custom built sites. Depending on the complexity of your site, we may be able to migrate it to Wordpress for you.


$125 setup

The basics to keep your site healthy and running smoothly and secure.

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or $319 billed yearly
setup fee waived

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$250 setup

Better speed, protection and monitoring. Includes 30 minutes of content edits.

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or $869 billed yearly
setup fee waived

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$500 setup

 More time for content edits, monthly SEO report and WooCommerce support.

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or $3839 billed yearly
setup fee waived

Get one month free

All plans include

Fast and reliable cloud hosting ensures flexibility and scalability as we maintain and care for your website.

Daily offsite backup allows your site to be easily rolled back at a moment's notice.

Wordpress core and plugin updates help your website run smoothly and effectively.

Free SSL certificate keeps sensitive information encrypted.

Firewall defends against brute force attacks by limiting login attempts, enforcing strong passwords and other login security measures.

Client portal access provides for direct communication and submitting content edits.

Advanced plan adds

More attention, performance and customization 

The Advanced plan offers improved performance by using a content delivery network (CDN) to speed up page loads. You'll also receive a monthly report of services we provided and current stats about your site. Best of all, we are accessible. Request help by phone or email. Or submit a ticket through the client portal. We can make small changes or updates to text, photos and customized features on your site. In our experience, the 30 minutes included with the plan will cover most normal updates or edits for a small or medium sized website.

Content edits and customization
Up to 30 minutes of text or image edits, design customization or plugin setup included each month. Additional updates billed in 30 minute increments.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)
The CDN stores copies of static assets of your website. Once a user visits a website, part of the data is served from the nearest CDN location. The result is significantly faster page load speed and a great experience for the user.

Monthly site check including:

  • Reviewing Forms to confirm delivery.

  • Removing Spam Comments on your pages and posts.

  • Checking for broken links and 404 errors to ensure functionality.

  • Checking Load Speed for top performance.

  • Reviewing Security Scans to proactively mitigate threats. 

Monthly site report
A monthly pdf summary of activities performed and current website performance statistics.

Complete plan adds

More Security, SEO Reporting, E-Commerce Support and additional time for edits 

The Complete plan is best for larger sites, busy blogs or any site running WooCommerce. Your monthly report will also include your website’s ranking for the keyword terms you provide and a list of the websites that are the biggest competitors for the keywords provided.

Premium firewall protection
Real-time IP blacklisting, reputation check, country blocking, firewall rule updates and malware signature updates.

Additional content edits
Up to 2 hours monthly included for theme customization, image and text edits and plugin setup. Valuable for e-commerce websites with many product updates each month or a blog site with regular articles to design and publish.

SEO report
Keyword and competitor reporting. Page analysis. Yoast search engine optimization plugin installation and configuration.

WooCommerce plugin support
Technical support and updates for the WooCommerce plugin. Monthly content editing can support WooCommerce updates related to products, categories, tags, coupons, etc.

Struggling with a broken or buggy site?

We can fix it!

Many website issues are not as bad as they seem. Often a plugin or theme may be causing a conflict. It can be easily fixed once diagnosed. If your site is infected with malware, we can determine if it can be removed or if it will be faster to start from scratch with a clean WordPress installation. We can handle many problems as part of the initial migration and setup of your account. If issues are more widespread, we'll provide a quote for any work that needs to be completed.




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