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Do newspaper and media landscape changes have you searching? What are your production challenges? How will you meet demanding revenue goals? Latest trends in the newspaper industry have us all considering how to manage print media.

An article posted by Editor & Publisher outlines the importance of newspapers relating the human experience. Newsrooms need to engage readers, produce multimedia journalism and diversify revenue streams. Dviso agrees wholeheartedly and is prepared to be a part of the solution!

Collaboration. It’s no secret most newspapers use print advertisements and publications to boost revenue. Let our team help leverage your editorial or advertising efforts. You won’t regret exploring the benefits of niche magazines, resource publications, business directories and promotional materials.

While your staff focuses on building customer relationships and selling ads, our trained professionals will handle the design process.

Together we will develop a product that’s easy for your sales team to sell and that your advertisers will want to be a part of.

With more than 20 years working with the newspaper industry, Dviso is prepared to help you launch a new approach. We deliver customized designs to newspaper companies across the country. Newspaper niche products – stylish and affordable – are a great way to complement your daily services. You won’t regret the return on your investment when you invite Dviso to help restore and energize your publications.

Lifestyle Magazines

Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with readers through lifestyle and community focused publications. This marketing tool is an invaluable source of newspaper niche content. Marketing clients will appreciate advertorial options focused on specific community traits. And your newspaper will develop a following of readers who want to learn more.

Community Feature Magazines:
Create an informative, friendly forum showcasing your community. Your customized magazine will promote awareness about events, attractions, businesses and more.

Engagement Articles:
Connect and inspire community members with human-interest stories. Focus on individuals, businesses, nonprofits and schools to demonstrate what’s important to your community.

Ongoing Publications:
Consider monthly, quarterly or annual options to routinely highlight what your community has to offer.

Resource Publications

Use newspaper niche products to earn readers’ trust. Consider what’s important to your community and share what you know. Address common questions and connect community members using resource publications and advertorials. Recruit clients to advertise local services and products. Your newspaper will gain a reputation for caring about the community when you help connect the dots.

Community Accolades
Showcase the “best of” your business community using the results of reader voting. Include a full listing of business participants and feature the winners.

High School Sports Preview
Promote community spirit with seasonal publications featuring local teams, coaches and star student athletes.

Holiday Publications
Inspire readers with timeless text about holiday traditions. Print seasonal recipes, holiday songbooks, short stories or coloring pages.

Directories & Listings
Business owners use directories and listings to promote their products and services. This logical, affordable option allows for targeted advertising.

Progress & Discovery Magazines
Promote your community to boost economic growth. Annual magazines introduce your community to visitors and future residents.

Industry Profiles
Support local medical professionals, realtors, churches and industries with regular tabloids. Use directories, photos, articles and testimonials to focus on their services.

Supporting your clients

Advertising clients provide meaningful financial support to your newspaper. Demonstrate your appreciation by offering expanded services. When you introduce your client to the Dviso team, we will respond by providing customized advertising opportunities.

Annual Reports
Annual reports typically include a financial review. Dviso will recommend content addressing a company’s mission and history. We’ll also consider highlighting company and employee acheivements.

Business Directories
Providing updated business listings is important to a community’s economic success. Dviso often works with Chamber of Commerce settings to develop organized, accurate directories to support community development.

Newsletters designed by Dviso will attract prospective customers while maintaining ongoing connections with existing customers. Business news can include feature articles, product reviews, sales promotions and more.

Promotional Materials

The Dviso team recognizes promotional advertising is the voice of many businesses. Our design services focus on brand awareness, customer response, information sharing and sales growth. Your clients will gain satisfied customers and business profitability when we create well-developed marketing materials.

The Basics
All businesses must consider the basics to promote their products and services. Choose among postcards, posters, html email design, website graphics, signage, digital slide shows and presentations.

Festivals & Shows
Many people of all ages and backgrounds become your audience at public events. Consider connecting through printed materials used to support garden shows, bridal shows and local festivals.

Event Promotions
Community events provide opportunity for creative advertising. Imagine the possibilities when your logo appears on event maps, giveaway merchandise, t-shirts and more.

How We Work

Remember, we understand the challenges newspapers face. Connecting with Dviso is easy and worth your time. Our design process allows you to continue delivering quality media services at an affordable price. We'll work within your existing processes, but our typical project flow includes the following steps.

Project Planning
Dviso will gather detailed information about your project, estimate pricing, plan a schedule and set deadlines. You’ll provide a page plan or story budget and printing specifications. Alert us about projects at least 2 weeks in advance to guarantee our availability.

Content Creation
Let your writers and photographers do their thing! Dviso will create articles or provide stock photos if needed.

Content Delivery
Your editors or project managers share stories and photos with Dviso using Google Drive or other electronic delivery services. 

Dviso inserts all content into an attractive, functional design. We’ll work with you to create the perfect new product. Together we will develop a unique look that will connect with your audience. Plan on the process taking 2-3 business days for smaller design projects or 4-5 business days for larger magazines or publications. We know ad sales can challenge timelines – we’ll work with you to adjust and meet deadlines!

First Proof
Dviso will provide a pdf proof via Google Drive or email for your review and markup.

You’ll note changes on the pdf proof using commenting or markup tools in Adobe Acrobat or Reader then return the edited pdf file to Dviso.

Revised Proofs
Most projects require 2-3 revisions and related proofs. Dviso will make the requested changes and provide an attractive finished product that meets your needs.

Final Files
After you approve the final proof, Dviso will provide high-resolution pdf files for printing. We’ll provide files according to your commercial printer specifications. If needed, we can provide printing, mailing and shipping options.

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