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Readers can connect with tangible print products

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Are printed materials an effective marketing tool for small businesses?

Consider a diversified marketing approach.

Technology has made it easier for businesses to promote services and products. Websites, social media and email campaigns are affordable and easy to use. Online marketing offers customer interaction and instant gratification. As a small business owner, you might be wondering if it’s practical to continue using print media. It seems logical to cut publication designs to reduce your marketing budget. Take a moment to reconsider.

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A diverse communication strategy can strengthen relationships with customers

Print engages readers

In recent studies outlined by Forbes, neuroscience researchers revealed paper-based content is effective. Readers spend more time reviewing print designs. Direct mail is easy to process mentally, which improves brand recall. Magazine designs create emotional reactions and work well for targeted audiences. Printed messages engage readers who are already interested in learning about specific topics. And those who read printed text vs. digital text show greater reading comprehension.

Tangible connections have also proven to be effective. Some readers value newspaper designs because they can hold the pages. They do not have to scroll up and down a computer screen. They find comfort in being able to fold over a newspaper to focus on a specific story. Readers also appreciate the absence of online ads or pop-up promotions.

Traditional newspaper companies have embraced the digital era by offering alternative print publications. Special interest magazines, special sections and customized inserts connect with specific readers. Niche products are effective marketing tools when they provide fresh content. Messages should connect with local community and focus on reader interests.

Brochures continue to be one of the most flexible and effective marketing tools. They are easy to produce, are cost effective and are easy to distribute.

Businesses also use printed annual reports to highlight financials, organizational goals and accolades. Brochure designs and annual reports provide organized information on crisp pages. Readers enjoy concise content, especially when they can view it over and over again.

Personal communication is effective. Small businesses should focus on a target market and build consumer trust. This happens when messages correlate with local community and events. This approach has resulted in increased revenues for the newspaper industry. Small businesses also benefit with increased sales and brand recognition.

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Traditional printed publications still play a part of a diverse marketing strategy

Diversification is the key

Well-designed publications can add credibility to your small business. But digital media must also be a part of your marketing plan. Digital campaigns are inexpensive and easy to produce. Digital campaigns are easy to launch and update. Customers will take advantage of online interaction. You will build your customer base and you will strengthen business relationships.

Let Dviso show you how to include print and digital media in your marketing plan. You won't regret exploring our all-inclusive design process. Reach more readers and expand your business with Dviso.

We can assist in all aspects of your print project, including:

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  • Project scheduling
  • Content development
  • Digital proofs
  • Press-ready PDFs for printing
  • Coordination with area printers
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Anne Kirchner completed a degree in public relations at a liberal arts college in central Kansas. This was the first step toward a professional career in non-profit management, restaurant ownership and community relations. As a writer for Dviso, Anne focuses on website content for our customers. She also writes about travel, food, tourism, city government, crisis management, fundraising, college recruitment, special event planning and church development. Anne’s free spirit welcomes the opportunity to learn more!

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