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Cloudways Hosting Review 2019

Discover the ultimate solution for your cloud hosting needs

Are you a website developer looking for the best cloud hosting platform? And do you need an affordable, reliable option to manage client websites? Which cloud hosting provider offers fully managed WordPress hosting?

These are the questions we asked when looking for a hosting platform. It didn’t take long for Dviso to discover the benefits of Cloudways, a platform specifically designed for website developers. We liked the ease of adjusting server resources, and we were impressed with the consistent website uptime and performance. Further, we were attracted to four core values offered by Cloudways – data-driven ideology, innovation, simplicity and customer service.

More reasons why we use Cloudways

Our Cloudways Hosting Review 2019 confirmed this platform is leading the industry in cloud-based hosting. Cloudways is optimized for performance due to innovative approaches to storing, editing and securing websites. Dviso discovered the ease of adding new applications on the server, changing server settings, restoring files from backup, managing SSL certificates, integrating our own SMTP service and using SSH login. Our website content is stored on multiple servers. This makes loading times faster. And if the main server crashes, downtime is minimized because the other servers take over. Our customers benefit from the Cloudways automatic backup up system, which includes the ability to set backup frequencies from 1 hour to every 7 days. Easily restore a site from backup with just a few clicks.

Cloudways offers many plans regardless of a project's complexity or budget

Benefits of a strong infrastructure

Five leading cloud providers – Amazon Web Services (AWS), DigitalOcean, Google Cloud, Linode and Vultr – form the infrastructure for Cloudways to deploy and host websites. Thus, many managed hosting plans are available regardless of a website’s complexity, size or budget. Plan prices vary depending on which infrastructure provider you select. The good news? All plans offer pay-as-you-go options, which allows for flexibility if you need to upscale or downscale services. And all hosting plans include free site migrations, free SSL certificates, unlimited application installations and 24/7 expert support.

ThunderStack Supports Scalability

To support its infrastructure, Cloudways developed a stack or bundle of software called ThunderStack. The formula consists of the best cache and server technology including Varnish Cache, NGINX, Redis, MariaDB, MySQL, Memcached, Apache and more. The PHP Stack allows developers to make the most of the platform and boost website performance. ThunderStack provides fast load times, flexibility and customization. Scalability is extremely important if you want your website to grow.

Solutions for Managed WordPress Hosting

We use Cloudways to host WordPress sites of all sizes. Step-by-step instructions help developers deploy, build and scale an optimized website. Performance features include SSD-Based Managed WordPress Hosting, Built-In Advanced Caches, Stack with Latest Technologies, PHP 7 Ready Servers, CloudwaysCDN and Breeze-WordPress Cache Plugin. Security features are equally impressive with Dedicated Firewall, 1-Click SSL Installation, Auto-Healing Servers, IP Whitelisting, Automated Backups and Two-Factor Authentication. Strong performance and security features help developers conduct business with confidence.

All plans offer pay-as-you-go options, which allows for flexibility if you need to upscale or downscale services.

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

While problems have been rare for us, when they do happen, Cloudways support has been excellent.

Technical Support

Cloudways provides a comprehensive 24/7 support system. While premium customer support is available at an additional cost, most solutions can be found using free tutorials and blogs provided by the knowledge base.

Dviso highly recommends the live chat and ticketing system. Problems with servers have been minimal. Especially when compared to our experiences with other providers. But Cloudways support has been extremely attentive the few times when minor bugs or issues have happened.

There’s no better testimony than trying a cloud hosting platform and then asking others to do the same. Cloudways is our first choice for hosting our own sites and for hosting our client websites. Now it’s your turn to explore the possibilities!

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

We would be happy to let you know more about our experience with Cloudways. Feel free to contact us.
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