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Captivate and engage your customers with quality website content

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The Importance of Creating Quality Website Content

  • Is your website designed with a specific audience in mind?
  • Does your website offer current and accurate information?
  • Have you incorporated text, video and images into your website?
  • Are SEO keywords incorporated throughout your website?
  • Do you refer to social media in your website content?
  • Does your website include a call to action?

If you answered yes to the questions listed above, CONGRATULATIONS! Your website meets Google’s standards for high-quality content. If your response was no, we need to talk.

Engaging your audience with quality website content
Develop content for your website that is meaningful and engaging for your particular customers.

Know your audience

The first step to developing quality website content is understanding your audience. To whom are you writing? What message are you trying to convey? Organizing content is easy when you take time to evaluate your audience. You’ll develop creative writing patterns, identify meaningful images and establish significant links. Your efforts will result in customer engagement and loyalty.

Provide fresh and
refreshed content

If you are able to follow basic writing skills – organized paragraphs, short sentences, spelling and punctuation – your website content is headed in the right direction. One of the most powerful content tools is an active blog. Tell your story. Blog content is the best way to express your personality, services, products and goals. When you use a conversational tone, your fresh personal story builds intrigue and cannot be mimicked by others.

The true challenge begins after you captivate your audience. How do you keep your customers engaged? While it takes time and money to consistently update your website content, it will be a meaningful investment. Examples of fresh content include creating a new page, writing a fresh blog or adding new links. Refreshed content sends a message that your business is thriving and you care about customer needs. Customer engagement means increased sales, name recognition and long-lasting relationships.

The true challenge begins after you captivate your audience

Effective content is more than text

True or false? Quality text is the only form of website content you should develop. False. There are two categories of website content, text and media. We’ve already discussed the importance of telling your story using basic writing skills. Be sure to complement your story with creative headings, subtitles and quotes.

Adding media such as video, images and infographics to your content will entice viewers to take a closer look. Media should support information highlighted in your text. Media should be attractive. And, media should be so effective others will want to share or link to the information. Strive to use custom photography, videos and graphics. Just like an original blog, personalized images clearly demonstrate who you are and what’s unique about your services and products.

Content and SEO work together

According to Google’s Search Engine Optimization (SE0) Starter Guide, designing your site around customer needs and making your website accessible to search engines will generate positive outcomes. Content and SEO form a partnership to promote your website. Your main focus should be telling your story through text and media. After analyzing keywords, phrases, outbound links and images found in your content, SEO directs traffic to your story. One can’t survive without the other!  

Social media can promote your content

If you invest quality time and resources in developing meaningful website content, your customers will pass your story forward. Shareable content should be relevant, expressive and creative. Which social platforms work best for you – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest? Social media is the modern “word of mouth” marketing so be sure to include social media share buttons on your website.

A register here sign next to computer
Offer a clear call to action to encourage customers to engage with your business.

Offer a call to action

It is important to respond to website inquiries with a call to action (CTA). Keep it simple. A call to action can be an “order here” button. Or consider asking a customer to sign up for an electronic newsletter, make a comment or share on social media. When you encourage your customers to interact, you’ll be compensated with brand recognition, increased sales and customer satisfaction.

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Anne Kirchner completed a degree in public relations at a liberal arts college in central Kansas. This was the first step toward a professional career in non-profit management, restaurant ownership and community relations. As a writer for Dviso, Anne focuses on website content for our customers. She also writes about travel, food, tourism, city government, crisis management, fundraising, college recruitment, special event planning and church development. Anne’s free spirit welcomes the opportunity to learn more!

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