Your online investment is important. Make sure you have a plan in place to keeps things running smoothly and safely.

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How do I maintain my website after it's built?

Understanding the importance of website management

Having a well-developed website is essential in today’s business world. A successful business plan must identify options for website development, including ongoing website management. Who will upload new content? How will technical issues be handled? What steps will be taken to ensure website security? Most small businesses do not have the staff, time or expertise to address website management. Consider hiring an independent web manager. It’s okay to ask for help!

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Website management doesn't need to be a pain. Hire an good team to keep content and software updated.

Benefits of setting up a maintenance agreement

Maintaining an attractive, functional website is important to the overall growth of your business. Partnering with a website manager ensures your website will be routinely monitored by a trained professional. Basic maintenance will be performed while addressing digital trends. Your business will benefit from fresh content, routine backups, updated plugins and more. When your website remains up-to-date and secure, your business gains credibility. A new customer becomes a repeat customer.

Tips for hiring a website manager

According to USA Today, a quality website manager should possess seven basic traits. When interviewing potential website managers, confirm their ability to demonstrate familiarity with internet technology, web hosting and domain registration. Ask about their website updating skills. Request website design and writing samples. Website managers should also exhibit knowledge about search engines, social media, directories and email campaigns. Inquire about their offline marketing experience. And finally, validate a web manager’s proficiency with Google analytics.

It’s important for business owners to understand and communicate their website needs. Design, hosting and marketing tasks will overlap. Thus, you want to hire a webmaster who has experience in all areas of website development. Common tasks include developing content, addressing domain registration, performing software updates and monitoring website performance. Be sure to explore all possibilities, recognizing a maintenance agreement could include a few hours a week, part-time emphasis or a full-time commitment.

a maintenance agreement could include a few hours a week, part-time emphasis or a full-time commitment.

Start with the basics

Dviso is prepared to manage your website while you focus on building your business.

Content Updates. Do you have limited staff hours? Let Dviso refresh your website content with revisions, photos, blog posts and new pages.

Software Updates. Dviso will keep core WordPress files, themes and plugins up-to-date, to make sure your site is running smoothly and safely.

Offsite Backups. Your online investment is important. Dviso will develop and initiate a remote backup strategy to protect your website assets.

Server Load & Uptime Monitoring. Worried about your website shutting down? We’ll be the first to identify website performance issues and offer troubleshooting solutions.

Security Monitoring. Website security is an ongoing concern. Dviso will reduce your risks by detecting valid security threats and offering a strategic plan of action.

Are you ready to explore your options? Contact Dviso to personalize your website maintenance experience.
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